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SmartRay Pro | The handheld X-ray device
SmartRay Pro | The handheld X-ray device
SmartRay Pro | The handheld X-ray device
SmartRay Pro | The handheld X-ray device

SmartRay Pro | The handheld X-ray device

The SmartRay Pro is a handheld x-ray device designed to boost your daily workflow, thanks to advanced technology and a user-friendly screen interface.

It captures precise X-rays in seconds, reducing patient wait times. Its compact design and rechargeable battery make it perfect for any dental office.

With multiple imaging modes and built-in filters for enhanced image quality, the SmartRay Pro is the ultimate tool for any dentist.

✅ Work faster and more efficiently thanks to its lightweight design

✅ Easy-to-use design and intuitive interface

✅ Reduce retakes and boost your day-to-day activities

✅ 1-year guarantee and 30-day money back guarantee

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The fastest and easiest system to use so far

The operativity is improved thanks to the comfortable one-hand grip, leaving the other hand free to move the sensor for the subsequent x-ray


Make your dental practice faster and more efficient

Optimize the productivityof your assistant and dental hygienist, andaccelerate the execution timeof your full-mouth x-ray procedures. Your patients will appreciate it too.

You've never been this free

Thanks to its 1.4 kg weight, SmartRay Pro is easy to use for any operator without fatigue. Theone-hand grip enhances usability, allowing the other hand to easily position the sensor for the next x-ray.


Your safety is our top priority

To keep operators safe, the SmartRay Pro has an internal shield that create a safe zone for the operator throughout the acquisition process.

 You will receive a .pdf document with protocols on usage that must be in place for the daily use of SmartRay pro.

Reduce the number of retakes and save time

Save an average of 50 hours annually.

 Staying in the room will reduce the number of retakes caused by patient movement and improve efficiency and workflow, especially in challenging situations.

Fewer retakes also mean happier patients and less x-ray exposure, both for your and your patient's safety.

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