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Fast. Safe. Lightweight.

Dr. Mark B.

"The fastest and easiest system to use so far".

SmartRay Pro is so simple to use that I almost forgot about my wall-mounted system. I think this is the best offer on the market because SmartRay has the same performance as other devices 4 times more expensive. Great job!

I started to use SmartRay Pro after 10 minutes I got it delivered to my practice. Fast charge, very fast warmup. I am delighted with my device.
Dr. Ali J.

My assistants and my hygienists are obsessed with this handheld x-ray. It's much more lightweight and time effective than the one we had before.
Dr. Steve C.

Make a difference in your dental practice.

Optimize your assistant and dental hygienist's productivity and speed up the execution time of your Full Mouth x-ray procedures.
Your patients will appreciate your new technology!

SmartRay pro can service up to four dental units, eliminating the need for multiple wall-mounted units2.

Get it now!

Freedom is in your hands.

Thanks to its 1.4 kg weight, SmartRay pro is easy to use for any operator without fatigue.

The operativity is improved thanks to the comfortable one-hand grip, leaving the other hand free to move the sensor for the subsequent x-ray.

Take an x-ray anywhere and remain chairside when it really counts.

Low-emission Toshiba tube with a backscatter shield integrated.

We understand that safety is paramount when clinicians treat their patients.

To keep operators safe, the SmartRay pro has an internal shield that create a safe zone for the operator throughout the acquisition process.
 In addition, you will receive a .pdf document with protocols on usage that must be in place for the daily use of SmartRay pro.

Your safety is our top priority!

Get it now!

Less expenses.
More benefits.

SmartRay pro can service up to four dentists, eliminating the need for multiple wall-mounted units2.

Unlike traditional wall-mounted systems, there is no need for installation, special cabinetry that takes up space, reinforced walls, or electrical work.

We are over certified. Because it matters.

Reduce the number of retakes: save 50 hours annually3.

Staying in the room will reduce the number of retakes caused by patient movement and improve efficiency and workflow, especially in challenging situations.

Fewer retakes also mean happier patients and less x-ray exposure, both for your and your patient's safety.

SmartRay pro will boost your productivity and ease your procedures. 

Get it now!

SmartRay Pro sample images

Just because you are a Dentist, it doesn't mean you have to overpay for primary technology.

4299 $

1589 $

1-Year Warranty | 30-day Money Back Guaranteed

SmartRay Pro
SmartRay Pro
SmartRay Pro
SmartRay Pro
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  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, SmartRay Pro
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, SmartRay Pro
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, SmartRay Pro

SmartRay Pro

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The SmartRay Pro is a handheld x-ray device designed to boost your daily workflow. With advanced technology and a user-friendly screen interface, it takes precise x-rays in seconds, reducing patient wait times. Its compact design and rechargeable battery make it perfect for use in any dental office or on-the-go.

With multiple imaging modes and built-in filters for enhanced image quality, the SmartRay Pro is the ultimate tool for any dentist looking to work smarter, not harder. Order yours today and experience the future of dental x-ray technology!


*Tube Head: KL11
*Tube voltage: 70KV
*Tube Current: 2mA
*Charge input Voltage:100V-240V *Frequency:50-60HZ
*Anode Angle: 12.5
° *Focus:0.4mm
*Exposure time range
:0.04s-2.0s *Leak Emissivity:1meter≤ 0.25mGy/h *Relative Humidity: 30%RH~75%RH *GW:4Kgs NW:1.9Kgs
*Packing Size