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Increased predictability in tooth-shade matching.

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With Ringshade the teeth-shade matching for your prosthetic works becomes safer and more predictable. 

Key benefits for Dentists

Standardized procedures bring safer results

• Standardize the light conditions under which you match the correct teeth shade for your prosthetic works.

Decrease by 74,3% the margins of mistakes

• Increased Predictability in Tooth Shade-Matching.

Avoid restorative metamerism

• Make sure to match the correct teeth shade under all the lighting conditions ( daylight/room light/indoor) with just a few clicks.


• All you need to do is to click the button to switch the different lighting programs.


• The ergonomic handle of the light and the extremely lightweight will make effortless your experience to use it with your patients in your clinic or wherever you need.

Numbers of LED lights12
Light temperature programsDaylight/Indoor/Room
Android/IOS AppNo
Battery2 x AA Batteris | 1 Year of work
Wifi connectionNo
Distance of use25 cm 

Shade matching made easy.

Alloy handle

Solid, professional construction.

1+ year endurance

2xAA batteries last over 1 year.

1-click use

The easiest shade matching tool on the market.

3 Color Temperatures


Take pictures through the Ring

Take pictures for your Lab using the correct lighting.

IPX67 Waterproof

Durable in any conditions.

12 Led lights

More powerful LED light.

Obtain the correct tooth shade matching.

• Light is made up of wavelengths of light, and each wavelength is a particular color. The color we see is a result of which wavelengths are reflected back to our eyes.

• To look at teeth shade under the proper light is essential to choose the correct shade for your prosthetic work.

The result might always be inaccurate if you choose the shade under the wrong light.

An easy-to-use tooth shade matching. 
At a price that makes sense.

Standardize the light conditions. Reduce the margin of error by 74.3%.

Using RingShade standardizes the light conditions under which you choose the color of your prosthetic works, reducing the margin of error by 74.3%.

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Smooth jobs make your patients happier.

• To pick the wrong color means to delay your works finalization: this can be frustrating for your patients. Wearing temporary crowns or bridges longer, with an extra appointment or two, is never pleasant. 

Save your patients from these problems and enhance your service's quality with RingShade: an easy-to-use tool with a very affordable price.

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The right light just a click away.

• When it's time to pick the correct teeth shade, bring the light closer to a distance of about 25cm and look through the ring, you can easily switch from the three color temperature settings of RingShade at the touch of a button. 

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• Daylight 5500°K: is closest to natural daylight and is considered the standard shade-matching environment.

• Room Light 3200°K: simulates incandescent light. The other 6 LEDs produce it by pushing the button a second time.

• Indoor Ambient Light 3900°K: incandescent-fluorescent indoor ambient lighting. This light is produced when all 12 LEDs are activated by pushing the button a third time.

By color matching at all three temperatures, you can avoid restorative metamerism, how the restoration looks good indoors but not outdoors, or vice versa.

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