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Enhance the dental health of your patients. Support them wherever they are and wherever you are.

The Mouth Explorer T1

A professional intraoral camera that lets you take HD images and video in second, providing impactful pictures for your patients' eyes.

Likewise, thanks to its portability and ease of use, the Seen intraoral camera is a powerful tool for those advanced patients who want to inspect their mouths from the comfort of their homes.

A useful tool for your patients: so many benefits in a tiny camera.

1) Help your patients from remote effortlessly

2) Save time by understanding your patient's problem before they physically come to your clinic.

3) See relevant clinical images of your patients without the need of having them in your clinic.

4) Allow your patients to send you HD pictures of their oral situation from their home.

5) It's easy: simply install the IOS/Android app, and the camera is ready to go.

Provide value to your patients from remote. Resell the Mouth Explorer T1 to your patients directly from your clinic

How it works

Step 1

1) Order and stock Seen Intraoral Cameras at your clinic.

Step 2

Resell to your patients.

Step 3

Offer valuable support from remote to
your patients and earn commissions on every sale.

Your key benefits:

1) Offer dental care support to your patients remotely by watching HD pictures and videos of their clinical situation.
2) Save time by understanding your patient's problem before they physically come to your clinic.
3) Earn commissions on every Seen Camera you sell.

Patients key benefits:

1) Receive dental support from wherever they are.
2) It's effortless to use: they can simply install the IOS/Android app, and the camera is ready to go.
3) Receive extra comfortable, practical, and personalized dental care.

You are in good company.